How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Mac OS X Problem

Time required for fix: < 5 minutes

Bluetooth makes our lives easier. But sometimes it’s exceptionally hard to just get the darn thing to work. Recently I started to get a new error from the Bluetooth module: “Bluetooth Not Available”. This is a fairly serious issue that can’t be resolved by simply restarting bluetooth. The System Profiler also just says “No information found.” for the Bluetooth hardware module, and in System Preferences the Bluetooth panel is nowhere to be seen.

While this fix may not solve the issue for all, it’s likely that it will. If these steps do not solve the issue for you I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it might be because the Bluetooth module is actually faulty, in which case you would have to contact Apple or a computer repair shop to get it fixed. Ugh.

How To Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Error

Note: Following this guide will reset your bluetooth module and all connected devices will be inaccessible. If you rely on a bluetooth keyboard, find one with a cable before you follow these steps.

Bluetooth remove plist OS X System Library Steps How To

  1. Open Finder (furthest icon to the left in your Mac’s Dock)
  2. While holding Alt (Option), click Go in the menu bar (A). This unhides the “Library” menu option.
  3. Select Library from the list (B). The folder will open in a Finder window.
  4. Navigate to the folder Preferences and find the file
  5. Delete the file. You may be asked to type in your Administrator password to do this.
  6. Lastly, shut down your computer, wait a few seconds just to be sure, and then start it back up again.

Your Bluetooth should now be working like before!

Did this solve the problem for you?

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If this didn’t work, you may need to reset your computer’s SMC controller. Please see below to see how you can do this.

How To Reset SMC

How to reset the SMC controller on your Mac.

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18 Responses

  1. Sandy Degeston says:

    What this does is, it creates a new .plist file for Bluetooth configuration. Hopefully, this should fix Bluetooth connectivity issues on your Mac.

  2. Piotr Kundu says:

    I solved “Bluetooth not available” on El Capitain (10.11.5) by reseting the NVRAM (old PRAM-reset trick).

    1. Shutdown the computer.
    2. Press Power On.
    3. As soon as the computer starts (makes a sound) press Alt+Cmd+R+P and hold for a while. Release after the next sound.
    4. Your Mac will boot and Bluetooth is back.

    PS. I tried the *.plist and SMC reset method several times, before doing NVRAM-reset as the last resort.

  3. Simon says:

    Hi there. I have an issue with an IMac, in that whilst the keyboard is working fine (I can “discover and use it on the iPad “) I cannot type in the password in to the iMac to Debug/reconnect the keyboard. What can I do, if anything???
    Many thanks

  4. cheeseandegg says:

    Piotr Kunda thanks a lot – that worked for me 🙂

  5. Judith Severloh says:

    This still didn’t work. Any other tipp for me? I’m slowly freaking out 🙁 THNX

  6. Qayamat says:

    Piotra Kunda thank you – that worked for me after trying plist delete and SMC reset.

  7. Moabi Rakosa says:

    Piotr Kundu, You Are The Man! Thanks it worked like a charm after several attempts of *.plist and SMC method.

  8. David Dixon says:

    NvRAM worked for me. Nice one Piotr 🙂

  9. pws442 says:

    Thank you Piotr. Never had this happen to my 6 year old MacBook Pro before. Went right for the NVRAM reset. Worked like a champ.

  10. Dennis Lambert says:

    Early 2009 Mac Pro running 10.6.8. Tried deleting but was missing from Library. Reset the PRAM by holding Alt+Cmd+R+P (as indicated above) until second startup chime and Bluetooth plist returned. Bluetooth now working fine. Not sure why plist was missing but now know what to do if problem arises again. Thanks for posting this solution.

  11. Janet Rennie says:

    Thanks! This worked for me too

  12. PianoGirl says:

    Piotr Kunda – also worked for me. Thanks!

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