How To Eject a SD Card, USB Key or USB Drive in Mac OS X

How to eject a SD Card, USB Key, External Hard Drive from Mac OS X FinderIt’s very important to always eject external drives before you physically disconnect them from your computer. The reason for this is because sometimes applications on your computer are still using these drives and writing information to them — if you were to disconnect them they would end up with half-written corrupt data, potentially damaging existing data on your drive or worse, making it completely unusable.

Therefore, best to always eject your SD Card, USB Key, or External Harddrive before disconnecting them.

How to Eject a SD Card, USB Key or USB Drive

  1. Finder on Mac: external drive exampleGo to Finder in your dock (bottom of your screen, furthest to the left).
  2. In the window that opens, scroll until you see the Devices section.
  3. Your SD Card/USB Key, or USB Drive is the one with the little “Eject” button next to it. In the example below the drive is called “NO NAME”.
  4. Click the Eject button and wait for the drive to disappear.
  5. Only when the drive no longer shows under Devices is it safe to physically remove it!

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