How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Mac OS X Problem

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  1. Sandy Degeston says:

    What this does is, it creates a new .plist file for Bluetooth configuration. Hopefully, this should fix Bluetooth connectivity issues on your Mac.

  2. I solved “Bluetooth not available” on El Capitain (10.11.5) by reseting the NVRAM (old PRAM-reset trick).

    1. Shutdown the computer.
    2. Press Power On.
    3. As soon as the computer starts (makes a sound) press Alt+Cmd+R+P and hold for a while. Release after the next sound.
    4. Your Mac will boot and Bluetooth is back.

    PS. I tried the *.plist and SMC reset method several times, before doing NVRAM-reset as the last resort.

  3. Simon says:

    Hi there. I have an issue with an IMac, in that whilst the keyboard is working fine (I can “discover and use it on the iPad “) I cannot type in the password in to the iMac to Debug/reconnect the keyboard. What can I do, if anything???
    Many thanks

  4. Piotr Kunda thanks a lot – that worked for me 🙂

  5. Judith Severloh says:

    This still didn’t work. Any other tipp for me? I’m slowly freaking out 🙁 THNX

  6. Qayamat says:

    Piotra Kunda thank you – that worked for me after trying plist delete and SMC reset.

  7. Moabi Rakosa says:

    Piotr Kundu, You Are The Man! Thanks it worked like a charm after several attempts of *.plist and SMC method.

  8. David Dixon says:

    NvRAM worked for me. Nice one Piotr 🙂

  9. pws442 says:

    Thank you Piotr. Never had this happen to my 6 year old MacBook Pro before. Went right for the NVRAM reset. Worked like a champ.

  10. Dennis Lambert says:

    Early 2009 Mac Pro running 10.6.8. Tried deleting but was missing from Library. Reset the PRAM by holding Alt+Cmd+R+P (as indicated above) until second startup chime and Bluetooth plist returned. Bluetooth now working fine. Not sure why plist was missing but now know what to do if problem arises again. Thanks for posting this solution.

  11. Janet Rennie says:

    Thanks! This worked for me too

  12. PianoGirl says:

    Piotr Kunda – also worked for me. Thanks!

  13. Josh says:

    Thanks Piotr Kunda!

  14. A similar thing worked for me, too. I deleted all bluetooth related files under general Library folder and my personal (account) Library folder including the bluetooth peripherals related ones, e.g. and

  15. Anthony Soshil says:

    Mid 2014 MacBook Pro running 10.12. Tried deleting but was missing from Library. Reset the PRAM by holding Alt+Cmd+R+P (as indicated above) until second startup chime and Bluetooth plist returned. After That tried
    1. Shutdown the computer.
    2. Press Power On.
    3. As soon as the computer starts (makes a sound) press Alt+Cmd+R+P and hold for a while. Release after the next sound.

    It came back but later on its disappeared again & never came back after tried many times all the procedures. Now don’t know what to do. Any help ?

  16. Emma Jakson says:

    Not worked for me.

  17. Chris says:

    Work great for me without having to delete anything. Thanks!

  18. Mike says:

    Logging out and back in (not even restarting the computer) worked for me on OSX El Capitan.

  19. Olle says:

    I tried all of the above… still not solved. OS X Sierra MacBook Pro 2015

  20. Chuck Felton says:

    I did not find the in the Preferences folder.
    I reset the SMC controller as suggested and this got my bluetooth up and running again.
    Thanks for the advice!

  21. Mena says:

    Hi. I have tried this method, SMC Reset, and as long as the NVRAM Reset as well and still my bluetooth seems to be unavailable. Please help! I’m not to sure what else next I can do!

    • Mena says:

      The plist file method has worked in the past but this time around the plist file is unavailable ;(

    • howtoadmin says:

      Unfortunately if not even resetting the SMC and NVRAM helps, you may have an actual hardware failure. Time to go to a computer repair shop and have it looked at.

      Alternatively, you can pick up a bluetooth dongle that works on a Mac. This is what I did when my bluetooth stopped working and it works like a charm.

  22. Art says:

    Its working for me 4 times the restarting

  23. Worked fine for me, but had to do the additional step of deleting the connection to the mouse in System Preferences > Bluetooth, and letting it rediscover it.

  24. Ij says:

    This did not help me at all. Is there any other suggestion ???

  25. Samantha says:

    How do you fix the problem if you have a bluetooth keyboard and your bluetooth isnt working?

  26. rtan says:

    While this fixes the problem but didn’t make the problem disappear. This happens again and again. Is there a way to fix it for good?

    • pooter says:

      Simplest fix by far is avoiding apple products. This issue is never ever fixed, it routinely becomes a problem again, and Apple wont fix it because they dont give a hoot

  27. Martin says:

    The SMC reset worked in my case. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Daniel says:

    Just deleting the doesn’t cut it.
    I tried other combinations of the operation recommended here and even resetting the SMC but that did nothing.

    For me it only worked when I left the computer shut down for a couple of minutes.
    1. I disconnected everything (mice,keyboards and external monitors)
    2. deleted the;
    3. shutdown for a some time
    4.turned back on and it Bluetooth was back.

  29. Peter says:

    My bluetooth breaks from time to time and the instructions of ‘Piotr Kundu posted on July 5, 2016 at 10:31 am’ work for me. One caveat is that I have to make sure to power off my bluetooth devices (keyboard + trackpad) otherwise while booting my Mac it immediately breaks again and therefore does not look to be fixed! If I power them off and await until Mac is fully booted I can then power them on and they will work again.

  30. The following did it for me after unsuccessfully trying the above…
    Disconnect all your peripherals, shut down your mac, give it a few minutes, power on again and voila! it’s back.

  31. Elton says:

    Worked a treat!!! YOU BEUTY!!

  32. Kam says:

    Worked but deleted file name was slightly different that as directed by these instructions which confused me at first. And actually there were 3 files with similar names to choose from. The name of file I deleted was…more like this.plist. The tip off was that file date created was around the same time that my bluetooth became unavailable. So I put it in the Trash, emptied the Trash, restarted the computer & it fixed my bluetooth!! YAY!
    Fyi, the other similar file names which I did NOT delete were: and

  33. Dan says:

    i dont have a bluetooth file to start with, what do i do

    • P Rocco says:

      I did not have file either. My Mac Book (2008). I resolved by shutting down. Taking out Battery and resolved issue.

      And yes my Laptop still works fantastic.

    • Fr Ambrose says:

      I didn’t have the bluetooth file either. All I had to do was reset the SMC (see link above). Very simple! For a desktop, all you have to do is shutdown, unplug power for 15 seconds, then start up again. Bluetooth came back and the Mac even “feels” faster.

  34. Marlon says:

    Unfortunately I could not find the file indicated to delete and resetting the NVRAM did not work for me. Ultimately I upgraded my OS from El Capitan to Sierra and my bluetooth started back working! Let’s hope it stays that way.

  35. Jim says:

    The solutions above did not work for me. I have a MacBook Pro (2016). I was about to give up and bring it to the Apple store when I stumbled upon the solution. I unplugged the external monitor I had connected and shut down the Mac. I needed to look something up so I turned the Mac back on without the monitor attached and the bluetooth was working. I plugged the monitor back in and the bluetooth continued to work. The bluetooth randomly stopped working again many months later. Unplugging the monitor and restarting the Mac did the trick!

  36. Bobby says:

    This approach typically worked for me until Dec 23, 2017. Then I followed Jim’s comments (Nov 8, 2017), and shut down the macbook pro and disconnected the external monitor. Now it works. Thank you all!

  37. Jonathan Yau says:

    This is the coolest thing to me in 2018! I was stressing out since 2017 as my Mac bluetooth always not connected automatically. And today even showed me (Not available). After I followed your steps, it functioning even better than before!!! I feel like come out from the toilet after poo!

  38. Leticiaa says:

    Many thanks! This sorted it!

  39. David says:

    Doesn’t work, Apple blame it on ‘something you have installed’ and say the only thing to do is wipe the ssd, install the OS again and start from scratch rebuilding.

  40. Kamryn says:

    yay!! this finally fixed my bluetooth. now i can use airdrop again! thank you!

  41. Laura says:

    Thank you! This fixed my “Bluetooth Not Available” problem!

  42. Andres says:

    Want a quick fix for this? Never put your Mac to sleep. Just leave it with keyboard and trackpad on and let it lock by itself. After doing this I stopped getting this bluetooth unavailable problem.

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