Restart Bluetooth Mac OS Sierra

Last updated: September 26, 2018 at 21:33 pm

Follow this guide to learn how to restart Bluetooth Mac OS Sierra.

Remember the time before wireless? We sure don’t. Cables really are a thing of the past. That being said, it can be really frustrating when our wireless protocols fail us. This is why we’re back with another Bluetooth guide to help you restart bluetooth Mac OS and beyond. Follow along with the steps below and remember to first try and reboot your computer! You’ll be surprised how often this fixes computer problems.

How To Restart Bluetooth Mac OS Sierra

Time required for fix: < 2 minutes

Restart Bluetooth Mac Os Sierra – How To Guide (Reset/Reboot/Fix Bluetooth)

  1. At the very top of your screen, find the Bluetooth symbol. Hold the Shift and Option keyboard keys and click the Bluetooth icon (A).
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Debug (B).
  3. A fly-out menu appears. Select Reset the Bluetooth module (C).
  4. Restart your computer from the  Apple menu.
  5. After restart, your bluetooth should now be working again. Note that you may have to reconnect your peripherals.

Perform SMC Hardware Reset

Time required for fix: 3 minutes

If you couldn’t reset the bluetooth module by following any of the steps above, you may want to try to do a hard SMC reset. This resets some of the logic board settings in your computer, but doesn’t change any of your files.

Bluetooth Not Available Error

If you get the “Bluetooth: Not Available” error, please follow this guide instead: How To Fix Bluetooth Not Available.

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