Find model and age for Mac

Finding your model and age for your Mac could be detrimental to find information on what updates to upgrade to. It can also prove useful if you’re trying to sell your Mac. We’re going to show you how to do it, in multiple ways. This guide also works for other Apple products, as it’s versatile.

Finding the serial number

Finding your serial number is the easiest way to get the model and age of your Mac. But, as expected, you need your serial number to get that information. Here are a few ways of finding the serial number, in a secure way.

  • It can be written on the front or the back of your Apple product, if its a Mac its usually on the back.
  • You can connect your Apple product(if its possible) to a computer with iTunes.
  • You can check the About this Mac utility on a Mac.
  • On a iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch by going into Settings>General>About.

Checking the model and age

  1. Now, when you have your serial number you can go to (Disclaimer, this is a Apple link that’s secure. There might be other links out there trying to scam you by disguising itself as a Apple link)
  2. Plug the serial number into the bar on the link above, along with completing the verification.
  3. Get your model and age of your Mac or Apple device.

Do not post the serial number on a forum or send it to a friend. This number should only be seen by you as its a private piece of property that could be exploited by other people if they were to retrieve it.

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