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How to import SD Card photos to Mac OS X Photos App (El Capitan) 3

How To Import Photos from SD Card to Mac Photos

Time required for learning: < 5 minutes If you have a digital camera that uses a SD card (whether it be standard SD, SDHC, or SDXC) it is very handy to know how to...

The Terminal App on Mac OS X 5

How To Find the Terminal App in Mac OS X

Terminal is the name of the command-line interface app to your computer. This app is all about text commands, but don’t be scared! With the right commands it’s hard to go wrong.* Open FinderĀ at...

App Store Broken on OS X El Capitan 0

How To Fix Mac App Store Not Showing Anything

Time required for fix: < 5 minutes This guide can help you restore your App Store on your Mac running OS X El Capitan or higher. This guide will help you remove some static...